Hotshot Hauling Equipment

Here’s a basic check-list of some things you will need to consider to be comfortable, safe, and secure your loads on the road. Warning PPF or personal protective equipment is now a required part of your truck and for most customers, you will be hauling cargo for.

A New Or Used Truck at least a 3-year-old to qualify for a warranty & coverage up to 200,000 miles. Remember warranties have dimensions 24 – 48 months or 400,000 miles so take advantage and get the free quotes. Liabilities have Limits; they do not cover the engine or its critical components. A broker or shipper want even touch you with a 53 semi. Protecting your truck is protecting your business.

  • Half Ton or A 1 TON Truck
  • Diesel: Ford, Ram, or GMC $15,000 – $45,000
  • Dually if your load is 12,000 -15,00 pounds (A dually is a truck with dual rear wheels. They are made to tow heavier weight than a single rear wheel truck.) A dually provides more torch, towing capacity, and stability while driving.
  • 9000lb rear axle; minimum
  • Gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch in the bed for a smooth ride
  • Long Bed  (so the trailer will not hit cab) check clearance requirements usually 4 inches to be on the safe side
  • Short Bed (you most likely will need a slider hitch or Sidewinder pin box installed)
  • TRAILERS $8,000 $29,000
  • Depends on what you want to haul: More if you are doing CDL loads. An Example: Big Tex Made, gooseneck set up, research capacity, can add a 5th wheel option, 35×5 36ft wood space, tandem set up or two tires each side, 5tf tails ramps fold-out convenience.
  • Open 3 & 4 car wedge styles for autos
  • Enclosed trailers for autos, motorcycles, general cargo
  • Flatbeds for general cargo and equipment
  • Use goosenecks and 5th wheels
  • Make sure axles and tires are heavy enough
  • Remember more axles = higher toll
  • EQUIPMENT & Securement Tools
  • Laptop computer for online access $600
  • Internet access on the road via wi-fi or cellular $50/month
  • 20ton or 40,000 pounds Bottle Jack & Jack Stand
  • 60gal fuel tank attaches fuel line when the gas runs out truck tank via gravity feed. $900
  • (10) 2-inch traps/flat hooks with mandatory WILL label on 2-inch traps (Working Load Limit of 3,333 pounds) with ratchet as a set. This setup puts you over the 10,000 loads. Confirm your straps breaking strength usually at 10,000 lbs. 10 straps $124.00
  • Cargo straps, chains, tie downs, pad, etc.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Hi-Visibility Safety Vest, Protective Gloves, Facemasks. No PPE. No Entry.
  • Business checking account (i.e.: Bank of America) also savings or separate emergency account
  • Tax ID number (online)
  • Customer contracts/receipts
  • Business expense receipts/bookkeeping
  • Business license/service permit (city hall) $
  • Certificate of the assumed name (courthouse) $
  • CPA $275 to do taxes
  •  DOT Completed Paperwork:  Profession folder with sleeves to maintain paperwork integrity
  • FMCSA requirements vary by state
  • MCS-150 form online $300
  • USDOT #1553028
  • MC #576750
  • Minimum Insurance requirements $1,000,000 liability/$5,000 cargo (minimums) $6000 – $10000/year
  • BOC-3 form $
  • Safety inspections will be scheduled
  • Fire extinguisher & safety triangles in truck
  • Bills of lading
  • Hours of service logbook
  • CDL Class A $50 in NC
  • Complete medical exam form & card completed by MD $150
  • Vehicle registration, for hire tags 26,000lbs ($400 NC)
  • Dedicated business phone number
  • Website $100yr
  • for Carriers & Brokers
  • Central Dispatch | The Auto Industry’s Vehicle Transport Marketplace for Carriers & Brokers $89,95/month
  • Business cards ( free + S/H
  • Signage $100
  • Business name, phone number, slogan, USDOT#, MC#, city & state
  • Google my Business page $100

Please note this is not a complete list each state has its specific requirements. By contributing to this list, it will help the hotshot drivers on the road. Send me an email with your recommendations.

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