Proven Trucking Business Tips
How To Profit From Trucking & Deadhead Routes

Overcoming the deadhead game can be profitable; you just need the mindset to think outside of your immediate deadhead option. 1st you must to do the math for that deadhead… or call someone more experienced or skilled at the numbers game with the capacity to assist you quickly by phone before smash that accepts button. According to most experienced hotshot owner-operators, trucking experts, and industry trainers. You must consider the equation lists below.

  1. What you are worth?
  2. What Is Your Ideal Outcome for the next 50-60 hours per week?
  3. What are your costs for the week average’s (Fuel, Food, Waiting Times, Going & Returning Route Rates, and backhaul strategy…)
  4. Your Bills Due per week…
  5. Can I solve the deadhead dilemma with a better search? or by scanning a 200miles run vs a 50-100 miles run?
  6. What is my Gross?
  7. What are my Net Profits?
  8. Work-life balance…

Drivers before you zoom in on the deadhead itself. Let’s zoom out and calculate your totals.

  1. Time of travel $
  2. Fuel cost while waiting in an area, work hours off… idol truck $
  3. Heavy loaded- or not $
  4. Route per miles $
  5. Fuel costs going & returning $
  6. Truck Asset, wear & tear on your truck in regards to price… of load… $
  7. Weeks averages” minus the expenses or revenue earned.  $
  8. Total $
  9. Next, we will zoom in to what will really make you a happier driver from a business standpoint… a better paycheck…


   Overall freight revenues in 2020 will total $879 billion, rising to $1.435 trillion in 2031.

– ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello