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The Upside

Hotshots are the professionals truck drivers, the entrepreneurs that fuel the economy, the go-to men and women that load and haul mixed freight; pipelines for new plumbing, construction equipment for new housing, refrigerated foods, vehicles, and so much more so do Semi Trucks. One huge upside to Hotshot trucking is a Commercial Drivers License that is not required by law, but the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) can not exceed 26,000 total pounds or (13 tons).

The Upside is that the business people that focus on building relationships by providing a quality service for shippers, brokers and owner operators.

– Hotshot Owner-Operator 25 years


3 Hotshot Apps For Business optimization and monetization. This is the go-to place for beginner and experienced truck drivers. offers more load options compared to other load boards. As a fright & data analytics trucking company DAT offers rates, factoring, and a 50 lane look-up service. So it’s a good idea to know your route and travel needs and limits; once a bid becomes available you may only have 5 minutes for 35 minutes to accept the contract. Above all its a good practice to compare load board apps to see with one best meet your business needs. Best know by Hotshots as a backhauling tragedy to control and limit deadheads. You can use a laptop or App to access uShip, but most successful haulers & carriers are using the uShip app on their smartphones when they’re on the road. Turn on your GPS services for the app, and easily get alerts when there are available hot shot loads near you.

STREAMLINED VIEW: uShip condensed the shipment cards so you can quickly see the status of your shipments and update the details. uShip common shipments are hotshot load & haul friendly.

EASY SORT OPTIONS: Quickly reorder your list of shipments based on your preferred parameters.

SHIPMENT WATCH LIST:  Easily toggle between your listed shipments and the list of shipments you’ve already submitted bids for. 

SIMPLIFIED QUOTE CARDS:  View your quote amount, expiration times for quotes usually are within 7 days, and related questions at a glance. uShip now separated Listing Questions from Quote Questions to simplify communications between carriers and shippers. For example, as a hotshot driver, you can ask for an extra day to deliver or on the 2nd week of the month. Keep in mind brokers and shippers’ business model is built on saving time and maximizing efficiency for onboarding their freight and delivering to their clients and customers in a timely manner.

123Loadboard: Offers a freight matching website and app offered on Apple Store & Google Play as a marketplace for carriers, owner­-operators, brokers, and shippers to engage with professional truck drivers that enhance your capacity speed the carrier loads, build your business pipeline while increasing your loaded miles. 123Loadboard is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, and compliance issues. Take advantage of their free trial and easy mileage and routing features few load board services offer as free. We also will include a few more features that will put cash literally in your account.